Phraxis, Inc.
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Phraxis is developing devices for the new discipline of Interventional Nephrology to enable physicians to effectively manage their dialysis patients.

Hemodialysis is a life-saving treatment for end stage renal disease (ESRD). Over 400,000 patients receive dialysis with an annual incidence of 100,000 new patients each year. The most serious problem facing Nephrologists who manage ESRD patients is vascular access so blood can be withdrawn, dialized and returned to the patient 3 times per week. Currently used access methods are subject to failure, thrombosis, and infection.

The Phraxis InterGraft is a single use, implantable device that is delivered using conventional interventional tools. The device can be used for first-time access or as a salvage for failed fistula access.

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Phone:  651-253-1754